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CRU Launches New Military-grade High Performance Storage Ecosystem


The SHIPS platform sets a new industry standard for secure physical removable storage and seamless interoperability

CRU, a trusted provider of data security, data transport and disaster-proof data storage devices to the Department of Defense as well as other government agencies and commercial enterprises around the world, today announced the launch of the Secure High Performance Storage (SHIPS) platform and related products. The new platform is an end-to-end, next-generation removable PCIe/NVMe storage ecosystem used to secure, store, and transport data securely, quickly and cost-effectively. The SHIPS platform is optimized, fully- integrated and battle-tested for military, industrial and high-performance commercial applications.

“Cybersecurity is more important than ever before and we’re proud to deliver the SHIPS platform to provide physical data security for high-performance NVMe storage,” Randal Barber, CEO of CRU Data Security Group, said. “We developed the SHIPS platform to address the gap in the market for a removable NVMe storage solution that combines features critical for security and performance conscious users with a commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) philosophy.”

“The SHIPS platform is the ‘easy button’ our OEM and system integrator partners need to incorporate modular NVMe data security and transport into their desktop, mobile, and tactical computing solutions,” Barber continued. “We applied our expertise to address the demanding thermal management, signal integrity, and interoperability challenges posed by PCIe/NVMe. This means our partners can streamline their labor-intensive and expensive testing and integration processes. CRU is doing the heavy lifting so they can rest assured that their customer’s security and compliance needs are met.”

Mission effectiveness demands that information be rapidly ingested from tactical, IoT and other devices down range where high speed networks aren’t always readily available. The SHIPS platform mitigates these vulnerabilities so high-volume data can be transported quickly and securely from sensors to the command and control center with ease. Additionally, OEMs and system integrators can seamlessly incorporate the SHIPS platform into aircrafts, vehicles and many custom applications, delivering the freedom needed to design outside the standard guidelines – no extra engineering effort required.

CRU’s decades of expertise in the qualification, testing and cross-platform integration process for military data storage applications provides peace of mind, with solutions designed for exacting specifications.

The SHIPS platform includes a variety of products slated to be delivered this quarter and into the future. Supporting the latest high-speed PCIe Gen4 and NVMe standards, products available today include:

  • The QX448 ingestion frame for standard 5.25-inch bays, capable of supporting up to four SHIPS storage modules operating simultaneously at full bandwidth
  • The Q80 standard and Q80R ruggedized SHIPS high speed NVMe storage modules in 512GB, 1TB, and 2TB capacities, qualified for over 20,000 mate/demate cycles
  • Cables and adapters for host computers, completely tested and qualified to ensure high performance signal integrity
  • The QX118 ingestion frame for 9.0mm optical disk drive slots, which supports a single SHIPS storage module

CRU SHIPS platform development kits will be available at the CRU website. The SHIPS platform products will be available through qualified OEMs, system builders and integrators worldwide.