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Featured Partner: NEWiTech


NewITech-1When we asked Phil Terp of NEWiTech how he is so successful in persuading small business clients to invest in quality backup hardware he stressed “information”. NewiTech is a full service voice, data and security company near Green Bay, Wisconsin. They make sure that small businesses (75 users or less) get the most out of their technology investment.

“The client always makes the final decision on what backup storage product they are going to use. We are dedicated to make sure they have all the information needed to make a well-informed decision,” says Phil. When talking to potential clients about their backup needs, he especially stresses on communicating the negatives of cloud-based backup. Small business can’t afford to have extensive down time while waiting for their systems to restore and that is usually the tipping point for his clients. Cloud-based backup solutions simply don’t meet client expectation in times of need. Hardware backup solutions offer everything that cloud does—but much faster, more reliably, and at a lower cost.  

NEWiTech, a 10-person company, had three clients hacked with ransomware in one week recently. In cases like this, it is more important than ever to make sure small businesses have a data protection plan. One of Phil's favorite backup products is the CRU DataHarbor networked backup appliance due to its data encryption capabilities and ease of use.

For his clientele at medical clinics and law offices, where client confidentiality is necessary, that 256-bit AES data encryption becomes very important. In addition, his clients reported back that the simplicity of the DataHarbor also makes it a great addition to their offices. Office managers, who are usually tasked with rotating the backup drives, need no special training for this IT task.

For more information about NEWiTech, visit their website at or call 920-965-1121. 

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