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Forensic Educational Purchase Program: You wanted it, you got it!

As a leading manufacturer of digital forensic write blocking and imaging tools, we work with many digital forensics educational programs, and want to make sure that educational staff, institutions, labs, and students have access to the latest technology.

We’re spreading the word about our CRU® Forensic Educational Purchase Program (FEPP), which has been underway for a few years providing the following benefits to eligible educational institutions and students:

  • Heavily discounted forensic WriteBlockers and other CRU WiebeTech® hardware
  • Students can acquire digital forensic tools on a student budget
  • Quarterly newsletter with new product information, upcoming events and technology advances from the forensics field
  • Students, faculty, and the institution itself (lab and classroom equipment, for example) are eligible
  • There’s no cost or obligation to join the CRU FEPP program
  • No one will receive adware, junk mail/spam, or have their personal data compromised

We offer the FEPP program in conjunction with Forensic Computers, a CRU partner specializing in forensics. To sign up for the program, click here.

If you have questions about this great program, or anything else regarding digital forensics, cybersecurity, or how our devices can help you secure your data, just give us a call at 800-260-9800, ext. 1759.