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DP10 and DX115 Removable Drives: Industry Standards


De Facto Industry Standards that Everyone Counts On

CRU has been making removable drives – the original cyber security – for over 20 years. In that time, we've proven to our customers just how dedicated we are to keeping their data easily accessible, transportable, and secure. Build with rugged metal construction, rated for tens of thousands of insertions/removals, and carrying 5 year warranties, it's not hard to figure out what's made the DataPort 10 and the Data Express DX115 the industry standard removable drives.

IMG_7038_trans2.pngDataPort 10

Our DataPort line of removable drives is perhaps best known for the DataPort 10, our long-popular removable for 3.5" drives. Trusted by government agencies, enterprise, and SMB organizations, the DP10 mounts in most computer bays for easy and quick drive access at 6G speeds. The DP10 is cooled with a robust, field-replaceable MagLev fan for long-term, reliable cooling. The DP10 is also equipped with an audible alarm system that will notify you just in case the drives begin to overheat so you can prevent data loss or drive damage. On top of that, the DP10 is backed up with a 5 year warranty and lifetime U.S.-based customer support.

Data Express 115

Exceptionally popular with government agencies and businesses, the Data Express DX115 is also a "blockbuster" in Hollywood. With an established reputation of reliability and durability, a variant of the DX115 is trusted by film studios to deliver their movies around the world. With its flat front, the DX115 integrates unobtrusively into 5.25" peripheral bays. The DX115, like the DP10, is build for 6G speeds and its soft start circuitry increases data integrity by eliminating in-rush current during drive spin-up. With its steel construction, as well as its sturdy, field-replaceable MagLev cooling fan, the DX115 is ready to go for at least the next 30,000 times you need to remove it!

CRU_removable_uses.pngRemovable Drives Make Backup and Collaboration Easy

Removable drives are ideal for data transport and security because of their small form factor yet large capacity. Each removable drive can store terabytes and terabytes of your most important data and even different operating system environments. If you're working with your colleagues in another part of the world, transferring them your big data project – maybe just a few terabytes – will take days online. Or, you could just pop out the removable and overnight it. Simply put, removable drives keep your work moving.

Hardware Encryption Offers Peace of Mind

Worried about who has access to your data? Removable drives offer the original data security system: unplugging your data to safety. Should hackers attack or malware occur, nothing beats a removable drive's simplicity. If you're looking for even greater security, most of our removables can be configured with hardware-based AES 256-bit encryption. Our hardware-based encryption means the removable drive secures your data without taxing your computer's processing power. We even offer physical keys to make sure only you have access to your data.