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Ditto Field Kit dresses for digital investigation success

Digital forensics investigators often ask us to create special field kits. Maybe they need a particular WriteBlocker, cables, and space for hard drives. Or they want to deploy consistent toolkits in the field. We respond by finding the right size Pelican case (or color, as it was with a US agency and our orange field kit), fashioning foam with custom cutouts, and including the right products for efficient digital investigation workflows.

Ditto Forensic FieldStation Field Kit L-1 Ditto Field Kit L1 includes a Ditto, DVD/Blu-Ray player, Media WriteBlocker, and cables to facilitate workflow.
Recently, a Ditto customer asked for a field kit to investigate "loose media"—CDs, USB thumb drives, DVDs, etc. They also wanted to be less imposing when showing up at someone's door for a "knock and talk". When their agents carried Pelican cases on such visits, people tended to not as readily provide permission to search computers and other data sources.

The Ditto Field Kit L-1 is a soft-sided, zippered case (much like a laptop case) that contains a Ditto Forensic FieldStation, a DVD/Blu-ray player, and other tools to make it easy to explore multiple media types and obtain evidence forensically, if need be.

We started shipping the Ditto Field Kit L-1 recently. The customer who requested the digital investigation field kit is quite happy with the look and feel—and performance—is currently finalizing personnel training in preparation for a rollout to offices worldwide.

Ditto Demo CTA2