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IT Resellers: Free lunch and a big opportunity for you

By Whitney Kemper

Like you, I have the spirit of an entrepreneur. I have felt the daily push and pull of running my own business. For ten years I chased new business, maintained core client relationships, developed my skills, and mentored others. I have felt the sting of a slow month and the elation from closing the elusive “Big One.”

When I traded real estate for a career in tech at CRU®, it was with the expectation that I would apply what I had learned in those ten years to bridging the communication gap between IT pros and SMB owners. We all share that same entrepreneurial spirit, but we speak different languages. Like IT pros, SMB owners are looking for ways to maximize budgets, increase profits, and protect their assets. However, data protection remains a mystery to most SMBs. This is where CRU has the advantage in disk-to-disk backup, storage, and archiving solutions—we speak both languages.

Let us treat you to lunch. CRU is hosting a series of luncheons aimed at communicating SMB data backup, protection, and archiving. If you are an IT consultant, reseller, and/or VAR, and would like to learn about our solutions that = $$$ for you as a solutions provider, then make some space in your busy schedule to meet and get to know CRU and the benefits you’ll get from partnering with us to fulfill this enormous need.

If you are interested in attending an event, let me know; I will save you a seat. If you have thoughts and opinions on SMB & IT, let me know—you could be featured in our social media and/or blog posts.

Upcoming IT Reseller Lunch ‘n Learns:

  • Thursay March 13th – Phoenix, Az
  • Thursday April 24th – San Antonio, Tx
  • Thursday May 15th – Vancouver, BC in partnership with D&H
  • Wednesday June 25th – Baltimore, MD
  • Thursday August 14th – Boston, MA

Contact Whitney:

800-260-9800 ext1743 or email.