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Thank you New York and PhotoPlus!

I love New York (someone should create a marketing campaign around that). We were there last week
to exhibit at the PhotoPlus Expo, a gathering of photographers and vendors of all kinds. I had a chance
to walk around one afternoon and use my old iPhone (I must be in the minority of people who like smaller
devices, despite my aging eyes) to get a few images, including the iconic Chrysler building and the
headquarters of my favorite newspaper.

The Chrysler Building The Chrysler Building

Headquarters of The New York Times Headquarters of The New York Times

At the show itself, I met a lot of new people and had a chance to catch up with friends made over
the years, all of whom are fans of our storage products. It was fun to hear so many people walk up
to our booth, point to the ToughTech Duo, and exclaim that this is the product that Jared Platt uses.
Indeed, it is! And he's not alone. Okay, while I use the Duo for the working copy of my Lightroom catalog,
you might think I'm a little biased--but Jared and I are not alone in our love of the Duo as an easy,
safe way to make redundant copies of our images. National Geographic photographer Jay Dickman
carries one with him at all times, as does Miss America photographer Bruce Boyajian, as well as many others.

Thanks to the many conversations and connections, I came away with thoughts for a few product
ideas we've been kicking around, more than a few business cards for follow-up conversations,
and yet another collection of memories from one of my favorite cities in the world.

The Empire State Building The Empire State Building