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The Gift of Sleek Storage


Backing up on the go

1-ToughTech-m3crop.pngIf you're a creative professional such as a photographer, videographer, or designer, you're acutely aware of how quickly data adds up. Working with clients on a project or shoot can result in a huge amount of generated data and most turn to a computer to manage the files they create. This is a natural and essental first step, but it still leaves you vulnerable to data loss. Backing up data should be part of your data management routine long before work is completed and sent to the client, and backing up when the data is initially created is the ideal way to be sure nothing is lost. You can download our free booklet "Beginning Asset Management," for more details on how to work regular backup into your creative process.

ToughTech® m3

Our ToughTech m3 enclosure for 2.5-inch SSDs and hard drives offers sleek storage for backup that can easily be slipped into any backpack or bag. On the go, the ToughTech m3 is perfect for using our 3-2-1 Backup Plan to make sure your data isn't lost no matter what stage of production it is in. Work the ToughTech m3 into your routine to backup and secure your data. The ToughTech m3 features WriteProtect, a read-only mode that "locks down" your data and prevents someone from accidentally deleting or modifying it. This can come in handy when bringing data to a client or colleague. We also offer the ToughTech Secure m3, which combines the same great reliability with military-grade hardware-based encryption to protect your data from prying eyes.