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ToughTech Portable Drives: The Gift of Backup

There’s a good reason why so many professional photographers rely on CRU® devices. And if your holiday gift list has a photographer, videographer, or anyone who cares about an easy way to create multiple copies of images, video files, or other important data, the CRU ToughTech® Duo is an essential gift they’ll thank you for.

You should also keep in mind the ToughTech m3, a fast, portable drive that doesn’t need a power cord.

Why? Because both of these products are used to back up, store, and protect data that matters. These storage devices work without a lot of fuss or confusing connections–just plug and play–with the benefit of supporting real time backup and drive protection.

Both are also compact and tough, which make them great for taking them on jobs, trips, or whenever hard drives are on someone’s travel checklist.

If these sound like a great gift ideas, you can buy on Amazon or find another retailer near you.

Happy Holidays from CRU!

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