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Posted by CRU

What to Know Before Buying an External Hard Drive

Are you the type who would like some help to figure out what external hard drive to buy? Are terms like RPM, throughput, SSD and cache confusing? Do you pick up the first hard drive you see when it comes time to back up your data? Well no more! Our new white paper explores the technology to consider when buying your next external storage drive. 


There are five factors to take into account when comparing external hard drives. We talk about the importance of the path the data takes from the enclosure to your computer and back again, the interface (USB, for example), data transfer rates, solid state drives and traditional rotational hard drives, and considerations on how your new external storage will ultimately be used.

The paper includes a glossary of some of the most common technical terms as well as a handy chart comparing the transfer speed ratings for each type of computer interface that external storage drives can plug into.

Check it out here: “The Measure of an Enclosure: Five Factors to Consider When Choosing External Data Storage”