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In front of the camera



Yesterday, we had our friends Daven and Kevin from Pro Photo Supply, one of our product resellers in nearby Portland, stop by to shoot footage for a video in a series they're producing called 'Made in the Northwest'. As we walked around our facilities to scout shooting locations, it gave me a chance to once again tell the CRU story. (Not on camera, for me--we had others in the spotlight this time.) About how we create and deliver products for people to store, back up, transport, secure--in other words, protect--their data. And to provide tools to people who conduct forensic digital investigations of violations of law, privacy, or both.

There are always a couple of touch points that light up peoples' eyes: that CRU is the de facto standard for removable drives in many applications, the most tangible of which is digital cinema. We're at the end of an era in which movies are distributed on film. The transition to digital cinema has been in process for many years and Hollywood (and other creative centers) has been relying on our removable disk drives and carriers to get their works to theaters around the world.

There are many other applications for removable and external disk drives, of course, but we're in the midst of entertainment awards season and our involvement in digital cinema rises to the top.

BTW, Ben posted the other day about Thumper, the devices we developed in-house to test the robustness of our removable drive carriers and this was quite intriguing to Daven and Kevin, so we spent some time watching and filming our Thumper Uno and DP25 in action.