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Lighting the way to faster digital investigation, e-discovery

CRU displays Ditto DX forensic imager at Enfuse in Las VegasWe just finished up exhibiting at the Enfuse conference, where we had a chance to catch up with investigators and IT people from various government agencies, as well as private sector companies. We had fun sharing the news about our new Ditto DX imager and how it will speed up data acquisition, especially for those who have incorporated Logical Imaging into their workflows. And we continue to be pleasantly surprised by those who see the value of forensic acquisition in e-discovery. In fact, one of our name-brand customers in the world of cyber security has created a workflow for their seven global regions to create an archive of ex-employee data for future investigation or litigation. 

Of course, we were happy to talk about our groundbreaking USB 3.0 WriteBlocker, too—not to mention our freely available WriteBlocking Validation Utility software, which lets you ensure that your writeblocker is indeed writeblocking. BTW, the utility was recently updated so that test reports are now in a format ready for acceptance into the NIST Federated Testing program.

One of the perks of visiting us in our booth is that you might just get a sneak peek at product ideas or concepts since we always engage our customers when designing new products. After all, you are the ones who use our products and we want to make sure what we create meets a real need in the marketplace.

Meet_Ditto_DX_June_2016_Webinar-1.pngYou'll get a chance to see us and ask about Ditto DX and anything else at the upcoming Techno Security & Forensics Investigations Conference in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, beginning June 5, 2016.

In the meantime, join us for our webinar on June 1, in which James Wiebe will discuss the value of Logical Imaging, as well as our awesome new Ditto DX imager.