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Welcome to CRU’s blog. And new website. We’re excited to bring you a better way to find information on our products, solutions, technologies, and the industries we serve. We’ve taken the time to consolidate the former and sites and hope that you’ll find it easier to navigate to the information you’re seeking. I’d love to hear your comments, suggestions, pointing out errors—all feedback on the site is always welcome.

One of the things people love about working with CRU is that we're a personal--and we like to think personable--company. We'd like to expend more energy creating a more public persona to accompany the CRU you know and love.

In this blog, we’re taking the opportunity to spend more time sharing our expertise and to extend our social presence on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn (let us know: should we be anywhere else?). You’ll see us with industry and technology insights, tips and tricks, stories and photos of our partners and resellers, of people who use our products, and occasionally us. We’re proud to be who we are: a company known for delivering high-quality and innovative products used to protect, transport, back up, and investigate data.