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Where to Find CRU Products in Action

Did you know that we provide data transport and storage solutions for many different industries?  Check out our industry pages to find out more about how CRU can provide your business with high-quality products to fit your particular requirements. (And if you have any special requests, let us know!)


Digital Cinema

CRU is the preferred supplier of storage solutions for digital cinema and content distribution. As the days of film draw to a close, the digital cinema industry counts on CRU products to ensure movies make to the theater on time.

Digital Forensics

Professionals in the field of digital forensics and digital investigtations work for mid- to large-sized corporations, crime laboratories, as well as state or national law enforcement agencies. Large municipalities may also employ computer forensics and digital investigations specialists. CRU, with its WiebeTech® line of tools, provides innovative and rugged devices for efficient disk imaging and evidence capture.


Digital assets for musicians, photographers, videographers, and other creatives are the backbone of their livelihood and passion. Backing up these assets—and protecting and archiving them—are as important as creating the work in the first place. CRU offers convenient, reliable storage solutions for protecting and transporting creative work in the studio or on location.


Small and medium-sized businesses depend on having a solid backup routines and the ability to recovery their data when necessary. Customer and client information, financial records, intellectual property, inventory—the list is endless. CRU offers solutions that help you design a backup/recovery system that allows room for growth. 


Government agencies, military, and law enforcement entities need removable hard drives and direct attached storage solutions that offer secure data mobility. In addition to government agencies in the United States and other countries around the world, well-known OEM system builders and integrators rely on CRU products. 


Whether you're a large OEM manufacturer or a small OEM business building computer systems for end users, CRU is ready, willing, and able to help. We have worked with businesses of all sizes to build and design cost effective, time efficient, reliable, and high performing products. Any manufactured or integrated product that requires the most trusted and reliable drive carriers and frames for data portability and security is a candidate for a CRU removable drive solution.