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Announcing the winners of our 2016 Photo Contest

We're pleased to announce the winners of our 2016 Photo Contest. With over 900 outstanding photos submitted, our judges awarded the Grand Prize to Sankar Ghose of India for the portrait "Highland Lass." Ghose will receive an RTX220-3QR storage enclosure. This RTX is designed for RAID backup and is ideal for professional or amateur photographers.

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Free ebook: RTX External Hard Drives

With CRU’s RTX series of external hard drives you can use any 3.5-inch hard drives, and quickly and easily swap them out. Our RAID storage allows you to run any software or OS you want, and with RTX’s convenient portability, you can move the device where you want, even offsite.

Our RTX line makes use of RAID storage to make two copies of your data simultaneously. RAID storage protects your valuable data, while keeping it accessible. No uploads, no downloads, and plenty of space.

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The DataPort 27 experience: a removable drive in every computer

Our new DataPort 27 offers a powerful and simple experience for transporting, managing, and securing data. This slim removable drive fits in most optical bays, making it versatile and easily installed in workstations, desktops, and laptops.

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Encrypt and transport data in a few easy steps

CRU removable drives are relied upon for data transport and data security. Used in conjunction with our RTX external hard drives and RAX rackmount enclosures, our removables enable government agencies, businesses, and creative professionals to transport and secure terabytes of data.

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CRU removable drives make locking up data simple

CRU's removable drives make it easy to lock up your data. Our DataPort 27 – designed for use in laptops and other small form factor PCs – offers fast backup storage, as well as an elegant and reliable solution for data transport and data security.

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CRU has a storage option for everyone

CRU's removable drives have been looked to for data security and data transport for decades. Additionally, CRU's external hard drives, desktop storage, and professional photo backup equipment are trusted by worldclass photographers, videographers, and creative professionals to protect terabytes and terabytes of work.

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2016 Photography Contest Now Open

We're excited to announce that the 2016 CRU Photography Contest is open and accepting entries!

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6 Reasons Ditto Users Need RTX

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Free ebook: Logical Imaging

Managing and collecting data has long been a requirement for digital investigators, but recently other organizations have adopted forensically sound data capture to maintain records and limit liability. To better understand the power of Logical Imaging – our capability to image only the parts of a drive you need – and speed up the process of investigation, we've put together this quick ebook.

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Free ebook: Intro to Removable Drives

What is a removable drive? Removable drives are a very cost-effective and safe way to manage data for security, transport, and backup. To explain their utility in greater detail, we've put together this free ebook that explains everything you need to know about CRU removables.

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