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CRU Launches New Military-grade High Performance Storage Ecosystem

Posted on May 27 by CRU

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Adapting to Working from Home with Mouse Jiggler

Posted on March 25 by Robin Wessel

I’m sure like millions of others around the world your new office is, if you’re lucky, your dedicated home office and if you are not quite as lucky like me, one half of the dining room table with the other half dedicated to my wife. In the rush to move me and our employees from their regular offices to their new home-based workspaces, some employees literally relocated their desktop PCs to their homes or their laptop that usually only travels between conference rooms and their cubes to their home offices. 

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A Letter from CDSG’s CEO About COVID-19

Posted on March 18 by Randal Barber

To our valued customers and partners:

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CRU Inc. is now CDSG

Posted on November 21 by CRU

As of earlier this autumn, CRU Acquisition Group, LLC, is now CRU Data Security Group, LLC, or CDSG.

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A CRU Removable Drive for Everyone

Posted on April 5 by H.G. Blakeman

CRU has recently introduced three new removable drives to our roster of storage devices for data security and data transport. Millions of our removables are installed worldwide, relied on and trusted by government agencies, military organizations, and businesses.

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Ditto DX vs. Ditto (Updated!)

Posted on February 11 by H.G. Blakeman

You now have your choice of Ditto® and the new Ditto DX Forensic FieldStations for physical and Logical Imaging, optimized data acquisition, and working with local and networked data from all sources.

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Removable drives: the fastest way to move data

Posted on February 7 by H.G. Blakeman

CRU removable drives are the industry standard for data security and data transport. Trusted by government agencies, the military, and major manufactuers, our reliable removables offer the simplest and best way to move large data sets.

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Free ebook: PCIe Removable Drives

Posted on February 5 by CRU

For years, CRU has been supplying removable drives for HP, Dell, and other computers purchased by Federal agencies, military organizations, and government entities around the world. For the most part, our customers have been using SATA hard drives and SSDs in their removables, though, we still provide removable devices to organizations with legacy applications that use, for example, SCSI and IDE interfaces.

The reasons are always the same: our customers want a simple, rugged solution for data security and/or data transport. 

As storage technology continues to evolve, so have CRU removable drives. The most recent innovations in the world of storage have been with speedy flash memory and SSDs. While there are SSDs that use the SATA interface, PCIe/NVMe SSDs have been used for a few years in laptops and other computers. These drives are either soldered directly to the motherboard or installed into a PCIe slot. PCIe/NVMe drives come in various physical sizes and capacities and have about an 8x speed advantage compared to their SATA counterparts, so naturally, people want to take advantage of the performance gains. 

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Free ebook: Intro to Removable Drives (2018 Edition)

Posted on January 15 by H.G. Blakeman

Removable drives provide a cost-effective and safe way to manage data for security, transport, growth, backup, and archiving.

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New year. New data. New threats. How secure is your organization?

Posted on December 19 by CRU

These days, hacked is considered a four-letter word for most organizations, and one that in one form or another was all-too-common uttered and experienced in 2017. According to a recent AT&T Cybersecurity Insights report, almost 80 percent of the global organizations surveyed said they had been adversely affected by a cybersecurity attack in the past year.

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