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Featured Reseller – Compass Computing Group

What do hockey and IT have in common? Not too much, unless you’re a goalie and blocking pucks?

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Behind the Scenes: Compliance testing

At CRU®, we want to make sure that the products we produce are safe for customers to use, that they operate well when around other products, and don’t cause issues for other products. To accomplish these goals, we make sure our products comply with various international standards and our compliance process involves product design, electrical and mechanical engineering, testing, and evaluation.

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Target, Michaels, now Kickstarter?

I recently received an email from Kickstarter, stating they were alerted by law enforcement that there had been a security breach.

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Spring events: we look forward to seeing you!

Each year we participate in several different conferences and trade shows and we’re coming up on the heavy spring season. Like many other companies, we really enjoy the opportunity to interact with customers, resellers, the press, and other vendors.
In our business, we serve many sectors, and our trade show schedule is quite diverse.

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Helping my former colleague protect her stuff

This post was written by Whitney Kemper, an SMB Specialist in our Vancouver office.

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A chat with CRU’s industrial design intern

Industrial design is the art of creating products in a way that makes them visually appealing, easier to use, and convey a brand identity. It combines engineering, marketing, and creativity in a way that can lead to products that not only look cool, but that also can provide a better experience for the user.

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Behind the Scenes – Designing the New ToughTech m3

Stewart Low, Sr. Mechanical Design Engineer at CRU®, led the design efforts for the new CRU ToughTech m3. I asked him about what it was like designing and developing this new product.

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How to tell if your hard drive is about to crash and burn

Just like many of you, I have tons of files– images, videos, and other precious data–on my hard drives. I am interested in making sure I can back up and protect my data, even though I have learned that hard drives will eventually fail. So, how do we protect our data?

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The Best-Kept Secret in Vancouver


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Product Development Spotlight: A Visit With “Thumper”

As you can imagine, there is quite a bit of behind-the-scenes engineering that goes into each of CRU’s products, all the way from concept to production. One part of this effort is a couple of special devices that were made by CRU® engineers to test and verify components. They call them “Thumper One” and “Thumper Two”.

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